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The MySQL-compatible serverless database platform.

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No vacuuming, no rebalancing, no scaling, no query planning, no downtime. Just a database that works.

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Built at Google to scale, Vitess is proven as the most scalable open source database out there.

  • Millions of queries per second
  • Hundreds of thousands of connections
  • Tens of thousands of nodes per cluster
  • Powering the largest sites on earth
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Actual modern tooling

Often imitated, never duplicated.

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Move fast, break nothing
The database for DevOps

100% online schema changes deployed automatically from your database branch. Never before has a database been a force multiplier in your software development lifecycle.

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Limitless growth
Scales like no other

PlanetScale is now the most scalable MySQL platform. With horizontal sharding and unlimited connections, you can harness the power of Vitess without hiring a team of engineers.

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The last thing we wanted to pay for was an engineering team to host our own database, especially when we were trying to get a product in the market. You don’t need to hire engineers to manage databases if you can pay somebody else to do it.

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Karl Matthias
VP of Architecture,
Batteries included
MySQL compatible

Built on top of the world’s most popular open source database and compatible with all major frameworks and languages.

Effortless MySQL data import
Import your data in a snap

No dumping, no restoring. Connect your existing database and we do the rest.

Import your data
Unlimited power at your fingertips

Our CLI has everything you need to script, automate, and scale your development lifecycle.

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Enterprise ready

Built on tech used by the world’s largest companies

Grow from idea to IPO

Simplified sharding, nearly unlimited connections, and automatic connection pooling

Enhanced development workflow

Treat your database like you treat your code. Branch, build, and ship faster

A focus on security

SOC 2 type II compliant, configurable authentication, user‑access management, and always on encryption

Runs anywhere

Same functionality, our cloud or yours

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